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“I don’t believe in cookie cutter programs. I will work with you to develop a plan that suits YOUR lifestyle, and helps YOU be successful.”


Jeff spent his childhood as an athlete, playing competitive football, amongst other sports. He is a college graduate, with a long history of Coaching in gym’s from Bellville to Oakville. He is a registered Poliquin Biosig practitioner, Crossfit Barbell Coach, Crossfit Running Coach, and a former Fitness Competitor. He has personally coached numerous athletes from the amateur to the professional level, as well as Police Officers, Firefighters, and Toronto SWAT members.

"My love for sports was not the only thing that got me into this industry. When I was in high school I was nearly 300 pounds. I struggled with food addictions that were taking a toll on my life. I knew I had to make changes otherwise I was setting myself up for a long history of health problems down the road. I headed off to college for health and fitness where I was able to turn my life around. I lost 100lbs, I learned how to manage my eating, and even participated in my first fitness competition. 


It hasn't been an easy road, and I think that's why clients can relate to me.


I understand what it's like to be a business owner, a father, and a husband all while trying to manage my own health. I have had plenty of ups and downs, but I've learned consistency is key, and that's what I preach to my clients.


Optimum health is not based off a quick fix, its a lifestyle. It's my mission to educate every person in our gym not only on exercise, and clean eating, but mindset as well."

Alex Charette

Alex Charette - Athletic Performance Trainer

Edmonton Football Team

Alex grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario and now resides in Oakville. He has just completed his 6th year in the CFL. He was
drafted 36th overall in 2015 and spent two years with the Montreal Alouettes. In his rookie season he started 5 games with
17 receptions and 300 yards. Then in 2017 was picked up by the Toronto Argonauts who went on to win the Grey Cup. He
spent 2 years with Toronto and was named Captain multiple times and heading into 2020 was signed to the Edmonton
Football Team. He was a multi-award winner in football at University of Guelph including Second Team OUA All-Star, Team 
Offensive MVP and the Tom Dimitroff Award for Most Dedicated. While at University of Guelph he studied Human Kinetics and Environmental Science.


Favourite Exercise: Jumping.

Why Alex Charette Started Training

"I grew up playing soccer and anything that involved sport. In grade ten was when I first stepped in a weight room. I was
tired of being so “lanky” so I used internet workouts for mass. Lifting with bad technique I put on 15 pounds of lean mass
and joined the football team the next year. I realized quickly the stronger I got the faster and higher I could run and jump.
After years of bad lifting technique which lead to imbalance which eventually lead to injury and rehab turned into a very
unsustainable for a pro career but more importantly my life. Now I realize the benefits of proper lifting technique to avoid
injury and the major benefits of pre and post workout practices for a healthier body while maximizing performance. I want
to give back all the knowledge I wish I had learned in my young training days to all athletes I meet."

How Alex Charette Started Training

"Athletic performance is centered around overall strength, speed, power, explosiveness and ability to change direction
along with other movements. To achieve optimal performance, the body must recover properly. Athletic training involves
foam rolling (myofascial release), dynamic warm up (mobility and movement), specific strength exercises (individual
based) and endurance training, with proper cool down practices to immediately promote recovery and sustained

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The Reason it is a Lifestyle Now

"Pro football is very hard on the human body. Over the course of three seasons I have suffered more soft tissue injuries
than I ever had in my whole athletic career. My body feels better than it ever has because I have learned to properly
prepare and recover for and from injury. This then translated to my training and day to day life.


I feel the long-term effects of consistent educated training and every year I feel this is the best I’ve ever felt.

In the past I believed offseason training was maximum effort all the time and my focus was on strength resistance training
and sprinting. 

I have learned a well-balanced, holistic view of training absorbing all aspects of sport and fitness from yoga to

With holistic training, weightlifting is still important but there is a proper ratio of emphasis based on individual needs to
allow them to perform at an optimal level. For example, in the past I never did any myofascial release and hardly did any
movement to warm up. This led to chronic injuries that I was forced to play through. Holistic training  has allowed me to
improve movement while improving strength and speed remaining injury free in the process. After learning the benefits of
proper training in sport I realized the potential it has to impact my day to day life and is truly now a lifestyle."

Alex Charette Testimony

Jeff Matheson
Jason McCullagh
Leanne Forker

Our Management

Coach Jason McCullagh is the Director of Athlete Performance at Conker Fitness.

Coach McCullagh has been working with young athletes since he built the Strength and Conditioning Program for the Maverick Volleyball Club in Ottawa on 2005. While his focus was Volleyball athletes for many years, he also works with Soccer, Baseball and Hockey athletes on a regular basis.


His approach is very much keeping things simple where every exercise has a reason to be there, no ‘fluff’ Coach McCullagh’s focus on building long term relationships and development strategies with athletes and their parents will improve performance, reduce injury potential and educate athletes at every touch point.