Results Matter

“I highly recommend the 28 day program. I was so nervous to join and had high expectations for myself. The process was definitely a learning experience and a true test of my willpower. With the guidance and coaching of Alicia I was able to empower myself with knowledge and stay on track. This program really works and the accountability group was key for me. I achieved my goals and feel amazing! Thanks to Alicia for all the support, I now feel confident to continue on with the lifestyles changes she has taught me.”


— Mabel Martins Watt

“If you are looking for a gym that offers you good energy, support and knowledge, look no further. Conker is a gym where all of the trainers are knowledgeable, high energy, and each has a way of making you want to work hard. They offer a variety of classes, but the boot camp classes are my favorite! They have you work hard and push you to YOUR limit whether you are a beginner or if you have been working out for years. I highly recommend trying Conker for anyone looking to work on their fitness level and actually meeting their goals. You will get the support YOU need at Conker to achieve this, thanks to all the trainers. You all rock!!!”


— Lisa Hardman McLaughlin


“Conker Fitness is an amazing gym with lots to offer. The workouts are challenging but very motivational with high energy and a varitey of exercises. All the instructors are fantastic and they make sure you are able to achieve your fitness goals. Personally I love the boot camp classes. The classes have really given me the energy, motivation and level of fitness that I was searching for!”


— Fiorella Zarlenga

“I still remember the day I walked into Conker Fitness for the first time. The gym’s rich character and the warm welcome from Jeff and Alicia were the first two things that hit me. I explained my need to train for a career path geared towards serious military/law enforcement work. They had spent a great deal of time talking to me about the things I would be looking to accomplish in the facility. From that moment I knew this would be the facility for me. Now, every time I walk into Conker I still get that same feeling, the good attitudes and the elite facility gets me pumped up. I leave each and every time feeling satisfied or impressed with myself. Since starting at Conker the training staff have always given me incredible advice and have gone out of their way to correct the little things I do so that I can be as strong as I can be. In the past few months I have to give some serious credit to Jeff for all his powerlifting advice. I have been reaching my goals and am ready to set the bar even higher for myself. I don’t just see a great gym, but I also see an amazing community of people brought together by a healthy lifestyle each and every day. I strongly believe that there is no other alternative than Conker Fitness for my needs. Conker Fitness has prepared me, and will continue to develop me for a successful career path in military/law enforcement and the environments and tasks that come in the line of duty.”


— Ben Wall

“Kickboxing is a fun, effective and challenging workout that I thoroughly enjoy at Conker Fitness! I love working out with a small group of ladies as I find it a more enjoyable experience and it makes me accountable. Our instructor is not only knowledgeable, but also very practical in his approach!”

— Nigela Purboo

“When I first started at Conker Fitness in the summer of 2011, I was 135LBs, and by the end of the summer I was 165LBs. The trainers did a really great job with helping me put on size, get stronger and faster. I think it was the best summer I’ve ever had for development!”

— Scott Smith Peterborough Petes

“I have been going to Conker Fitness since 2009. As a hockey player, and in particular a goaltender, I need to continually keep strong in order to compete with some of the top hockey players. My workouts at Conker Fitness have been integral to the success that I have had on the ice. The training that I have received from Jeff Morey has enabled me to reach some of my goals. Conker Fitness pushes me to be the best that I can, all the while, keeping everything in perspective. The coaches get the most out of you, while making it fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Their programs are designed for success, regardless if you are an elite athlete or a person who wants to get healthier. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, Conker Fitness is the gym that that will help you do it.”

— Ben Blacker Team Canada East

“In May of 2012 I competed in my first fitness competition and won First Place overall! After gaining over 25 pounds, I knew I had to do something about my weight, fitness level, and overall health. I began training at Conker Fitness in the spring of 2011. In just under 5 months I lost 25 pounds and 13% body fat. My trainer has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition, and most importantly he has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge I now possess, and most importantly I am thankful for the new appreciation I have for my body and health. I’ve never felt better! ”

— Denise Marler

“I started working out at Conker Fitness in April 2013. Having suffered with eating disorders for years and struggling with my body image, I had spent countless hours in the gym on my own, with little results. It wasn’t until I started training at Conker Fitness that the results came…and fast! Within my first few weeks I was already more confident, energetic, stronger, and loved the feeling of my body changing. Just 5 months after I first started working out, I started preparing for my first competition, placing third in Fitness Model and first in the IDFA Transformation Challenge. Throughout the whole process, my trainer was supportive, motivating, and always made sure I gave 100%. He has a great positive attitude, and genuinely is passionate about what he does, and I thank him for being such a huge part of my journey! Anybody looking for a great workout, whether beginner or top athlete, will find the trainers at Conker Fitness cater to every need and treat each client equally. I look forward to continuing my training at Conker for a long time!”

— Ashlee Smith