Help them take their game to the next level with professional coaching focused on athletic development, injury prevention & strength and conditioning.
When It Matters Most

Athletic Development For Kids and Adolescents 

Athletic development is a specialization at our facility. Our athletes receive cutting edge training, taught by professional Coaches, with a strong emphasis placed on properly structured athlete development, injury prevention and strength and conditioning. Our Coaches are former competitive athletes' who have been hand-picked based on their hands-on experience to ensure optimal development of our athletes. There is no other facility in Southern Ontario that will match the ability and attentiveness of the Conker Fitness Athletic Development Coaching Staff.

Athletic performance is centered around overall strength, stability, speed, explosive power and mobility.

Then you add in sport specific movements. At Conker Fitness, athletic training focuses on what the athlete needs to learn to achieve optimal performance. So - in addition to the specific (individually based) strength exercises and conditioning/endurance training, we also coach our athletes in:

  • Dynamic Warm Up - athletic preparation should include both mobility and movement

  • Myofascial Release Therapy - to perform well the body needs help to recover properly and swiftly

  • Injury Prevention

  • Cool Down Practices - promote recovery and sustained flexibility


We welcome athletes ages 8 and above to participate in one of our well-structured training programs. Our coaching and tactics vary depending on the age and ability of the individual athletes. At Conker Fitness,  we guarantee a comfortable and safe training environment for all our athletes.

There are four programs you can choose from depending on your development goals:


  • For athletes in any sport who wants to improve their running mechanics, acceleration/deceleration in different directions and linear speed.

  • Helps athletes move more efficiently, faster, and increases their ability to move in multiple directions quickly in space.

  • Includes a sprinters progression for advanced ages.


  • Fundamental strength program specifically to develop the athlete's muscular strength because when trained properly - strength translates to force - which has immediate impact on athletic speed and power.

  • Injury preventative strengthening exercises also help fix muscular imbalances and train the muscles for optimal performance.

  • Core stability is crucial for athletes to generate force efficiently and maintain balance. Stabilization techniques also aid in injury recovery.


  • Focus on increasing the athlete's explosive power, vertical and horizontal jump ability, acceleration/deceleration and plyometric movements.

  • This type of training helps to improve an athlete's sport specific power skills such as shooting, jumping higher, and ability to move quicker in space.

  • Includes a fundamental powerlifting progression for advanced ages.


  • This program will develop flexibility, mobility and strength, while preventing injury. Mobility helps to improve overall body function.

  • Flushes and removes stiffness from previous efforts (training or competition) and this serves to accelerate recovery time.

  • Interactive coaching where proper foam rolling and dynamic stretching is taught along with active movements that help to increase the total range of motion.

  • Often overlooked, mobility is very important for optimal athletic development as getting faster, stronger, or more explosive, relies on the athletes’ ability to move efficiently.

I have been going to Conker Fitness since 2009.  As a hockey player, and in particular a goaltender, I need to continually keep strong in order to compete with some of the top hockey players.  My workouts at Conker Fitness have been integral to the success that I have had on the ice.  The training that I have received from Jeff Morey has enabled me to reach some of my goals.  Conker Fitness pushes me to be the best that I can, all the while, keeping everything in perspective.  The coaches get the most out of you, while making it fun in a relaxed atmosphere.  Their programs are designed for success, regardless if you are an elite athlete or a person who wants to get healthier. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, Conker Fitness is the gym that that will help you do it.