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Athletic Development For Adults

Our goal of this program is to help develop adults who want to live very active lifestyles and want to improve their performance level, prevent/fix injuries/imbalances and improve athleticism. The goals are to improve performance levels in each individual hobbies, sport and everyday life. 

Our Coaches are current (or former) competitive athletes who have been hand-picked based on their hands-on experience to ensure optimal development of our athletes. There is no other facility in Southern Ontario that will match the ability and attentiveness of the Conker Fitness Athletic Development Coaching Staff.

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Adult Athletic performance is centered around overall strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility.

At Conker Fitness, athletic training focuses on what the athlete needs to learn to achieve optimal performance. We break each session into 4 segments:

  • Myofascial Release Therapy - to perform well the body needs to be prepared with proper blood flow and to promote quick recovery

  • Dynamic Total Body Movement- these movements will help strengthen core muscle groups while opening the body up freely to promote good posture

  • Strength Training - this segment focuses on muscles that are generally undertrained

  • Cool Down Practices - promote recovery and sustained flexibility


We welcome adults of all ages to participate in our well-structured training program. At Conker Fitness,  we guarantee a comfortable and safe training environment for all individuals and teams.


The first segment of the session will involve an educational self myofascial release (foam rolling) with various tools including tennis and lacrosse balls to break up scar tissue, release trigger points and tightness in the muscles and promote blood flow/recovery. This will allow the individuals body to move freely and correctly while improving range of motion to allow them to move better! 


Then the athletes will move through a dynamic total body movement segment that will strengthen core muscle groups. The series involves movements taken from athletics, calisthenics, and yoga flow. These functional movements open the body up freely while working the muscles to maintain strength, posture, and form all while dynamically stretching the muscles promoting elasticity and strength. This is crucial for injury prevention.

Example: Lunge w Twist 


Third Segment of the hour will involve a series of active strengthening of the body. This segment focuses on strengthening the weaknesses or areas of the body that are generally undertrained or become weak through sports and recreational activity. This will develop strength at the END range of motion. For example: athlete would perform a Goblet squat to open the hips and range of motion in the squat while strengthening the muscles. 


The last segment will have band assisted static stretching and yoga poses to develop total body flexibility. The static stretching decreases cramping, improves range of motion, decrease chance of injury and promotes recovery. Athletes are encouraged to relax and clear the mind during this segment.

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