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Dry Land Training

Athletic performance is centered around overall strength, stability, speed, explosive power and mobility.


  • Dryland Training is essential for complete Athletic Development.

  • Strength and Speed can NOT be maximized on the ice alone.

  • Athletes who participate in regular dryland training sessions reduce their risk of injury.

  • Learning to Train is a lifelong skill

Who is this for?

Then you add in sport specific movements. At Conker Fitness, athletic training focuses on what the athlete needs to learn to achieve optimal performance. So - in addition to the specific (individually based) strength exercises and conditioning/endurance training, we also coach our athletes in:

We welcome athletes ages 7 and above to participate in one of our well-structured training programs. Our coaching and tactics vary depending on the age and ability of the individual athletes. At Conker Fitness,  we guarantee a comfortable and safe training environment for all our athletes.

What is included?

  • Athlete Training at Conker is run by our experienced and Certified Trainers who specialize in youth athletic development.

  • Our Trainers will develop a program that meets the needs and abilities of the athletes in order to have them advance over time.

  • Our Facility is private and access is limited to the teams and groups training at any given time.

  • We are happy to collaborate with Families/Groups/Teams to create a custom plan that works for everyone.

  • There are many optional services available, including: Additional at home training plans, Nutrition Planning and Support, Team Building Events, etc.

When does this take place?

  • After School and Weekend time slots are available

  • We will work with you to find a schedule that works within your busy schedule

  • Parents simply drop their kids off with a water bottle and appropriate clothing and we will take it from there.

  • We are happy to try to coordinate with your ice time at OHA and get them into the gym before or after for ultimate efficiency

I have been going to Conker Fitness since 2009.  As a hockey player, and in particular a goaltender, I need to continually keep strong in order to compete with some of the top hockey players.  My workouts at Conker Fitness have been integral to the success that I have had on the ice.  The training that I have received from Jeff Morey has enabled me to reach some of my goals.  Conker Fitness pushes me to be the best that I can, all the while, keeping everything in perspective.  The coaches get the most out of you, while making it fun in a relaxed atmosphere.  Their programs are designed for success, regardless if you are an elite athlete or a person who wants to get healthier. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, Conker Fitness is the gym that that will help you do it. 

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